USCIS Service Centers and Field Offices

Click on Processing Times to view various tables of immigration petition or application waiting times for the USCIS Service Centers (Vermont, Texas, Potomac, Nebraska, and California), the National Benefits Center, and your local USCIS Field Office. The immigration petition or application depends on, the type of form, the date you filed your petition or application, and the office currently processing your case. This information could all be found on your I-797C Notice of Action (“Receipt”, “Transfer”, “Re-open”, or “Appointment”).

If you notice your case is beyond the expected wait time and your receipt date is before the “Receipt date for a case inquiry” you can submit an “outside of normal processing time” request by clicking on Outside Normal Processing Time.

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USCIS Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Times

You have the ability to request a copy of your Department of Homeland Security (DHS) A-file from USCIS. If you have submitted a request and haven’t received a response, click on FOIA Status Check to check your FOIA’s status by entering your FOIA control number (begins with “NRC……….”).

Who’s in Jail (Immigration, Federal Prison(BOP/GEO) , CDCR, San Diego County)

Depending on the nature of the arrest (Immigration Violation, Federal Crime, State Crime), use the following links to locate a loved one:

Consular Processing Inquiries

For foreign citizens who want to live permanently or on a temporary basis, and have already submitted an application. Click on Visa Status Check (IV and NIV) to check the status of your case.

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